Emeralds for knuckles was made to attract visitors while Ultimo got the rest of the site ready.

However, he ended up sticking with e4k, and the rest of the site was never finished.

Here are the comics. All the original comments by the author  have been lovingly preserved.

All comments in { } are new comments. (Same author, new comments!)

Little does Knuckles know it's not Rouges doing! {You'll see why later}

(That yellow guy is Ultimo, A.K.A. me!) {This was put in 'cause in the later comics I didn't tell!}

So know you know! And knowing is half the battle! The Transformers (Danananananana na!) {Rofl. I can be random sometimes}

Most of this episode was deleted because it was rubbish! {No seriously. It sucked. The bucket says Sick. You can guess the original comic from that.}

Hmmm. Look out for Amy later in the comics! {She does appear. But Flamo ripped her off.}

Prepare for a fight next episode! {At this point I was busy, and got a lot of angry emails telling me to hurry up.}

WOO! Super Knuckles! Awesome! {You said it.}

Who the heck is she? (Sorry Mcfly fans!) {I am actually not sorry. you can go to hell if you like Mcfly. Busted were better. YAH!}

Off again!!! {Early teleportation effects. They weren't very good.}

Another emerald!!??? {Yup.}

They are smaller because I couldn't fit much on one comic. {That's the truth. The size I was making them f***ed up the comic}

"Let's go snow boarding!" says Sonic! (Yeah, Right!-Divo.) {The first creator appearance apart from Ultimo. We honour you, oh Divo}

Oh, thanks for the explosion, P.V.T. (You're welcome- Pulse Van Techno) {Thanks P.V.T. If it wasn't for you, there would another sucky effect.}

Hmm. Looks like another fight! {Sprites eh. Good at fighting}

Wow! What happens next!!!??? {What happens next??? is repeated to much. Sorry. There are some speech bubbles in red here so the don't f*** up the background.}

I'm hanging on the edge of my seat! Who's he? And what happens next? BBRRRRR!!!!

And by the way she really is Knuckles mother!

{This is a mini comic, to get you on the edge of your seat. It sucks though}

Whoa, a rancor??? Who writes this garbage? (You do -Kekun)

Static dropped the bomb on Knuckles. And he told Rouge about Knuckles killing her!

He was also in league with Shadow and gave him the emeralds he had.

Now all Knuckles has to deal with is me complaining about him getting a DS and a mains adapter!

{That is a legend of a comment.}



Note: I updated sprites as I went along. If you see a character you don't recognize, it could be

an updated sprite. Questions to the usual address. {Doesn't exist anymore- I have a new email.}

The next comic will be Paths of Destiny- the story of the creators. {That's a good 'un}

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