The lost Spiker test comic

This was made when ultimo made a Spiker sprite sheet. The sheet is lost, except for the sprites in this comic, which was found in the darkest corners of the internet recently.

Ultimo's internet debut

This was submitted, and subsequently deleted, to a site which wishes to remain anonymous many years ago. In those days, Ultimo was known as the invisible voice. Here it is, Ultimo's internet debut.

The Remakes series

This series was going to go alongside paths of destiny, but I decided against submitting them. They are really, very old, all are older than POD, some even are older than emeralds for knuckles, so old Ultimo is The Invisible Voice. Ultimo makes his first appearance in one. They are in the order of when they where made. They still have the original filenames. I have NO IDEA why in the second one I put "The remakes" on top but it is the only title so that is the name of the series. WARNING: Even more c*** than Prouncer!


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